Husky 5000 Gallon PRO500 Aluminum Folding Frame Tank: 17'3" x 17'3" x 29", ALF-5000PRO

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Husky Portable Containment
5000 Gallons
  • Husky 5000 Gallon PRO500 Aluminum Folding Frame Tank: 17'3" x 17'3" x 29", ALF-5000PRO
  • Husky 5000 Gallon PRO500 Aluminum Folding Frame Tank: 17'3" x 17'3" x 29", ALF-5000PRO


This is the Husky 5000 gallon PRO500 aluminum folding frame tank. Husky has designed a new folding frame tank liner called the "PRO500". The PRO500 is designed with mega capacity in mind. There are specially designed "bladders" that are welded to the side walls of the liner that when deployed will add approx. 500 gallons of much needed capacity to the original size of your tank. The standard PRO500 liner has four bladders installed, two on each folding side. When deployed the bladders extend out from the frame creating the extra capacity.

Each bladder can be deployed on its own. If you have space issues on one side of the tank only deploy the opposite side and still get approx. 250 gallons added. The bladders are secured with a unique strapping system that allows them to be rolled up in a non-usable mode. When you are ready to store your PRO500 tank secure the bladders with the strapping system and it will fit in your standard portable tank rack.

Husky's port-a-tank liners are designed so there are no bulky corners or sagging liner. Our manufacturing process allows us to use one continuous piece of material for the side panel, which is then welded to our Husky-duty floor material. We also install solid brass grommets in a tight pattern, alleviating any liner drooping at the frame. These features create the best fitting, most durable liner available.

Folding Frame Tank Standard Features:

  • Exclusive Easy Lift Handles on the floor of our liner make our Folding Frame Tank the easiest and quickest to fold and permits easy removal of any standing water.
  • Pinch-free frame is designed with safety in mind!
  • Aluminum Frame: 1" x 1" x 1/8" 6061 Square Tube Aluminum provides a 25% weight savings over steel and will not rust.
  • 22 oz vinyl sides and floor
  • Quick release drain sleeve eliminates fighting with ropes.

Folding Frame Tank Options:

  • Vinyl: 22 oz or 30 oz
  • 22 oz. XLON is new from Husky Portable containment and has been designed to replace DuPont's discontinued Hypalon liner material. XLON was designed with UV resistance, heat resistance, abrasion, puncture resistance and excellent cold cracking qualities in mind allowing Husky to offer the best folding tank liner material on the market. XLON comes with a ten year warranty against UV and weather elements.
  • Floor: 22oz or Husky Duty Floor made of acrylic-coated 28 oz PVC is soft, pliable and foldable. NOTE: All 28oz floors are always black unless requested to be another color.
  • Double folding frame tanks allow it to be stored in half the space!
  • Our quick dump option saves you time!

Detailed Information

**NOTE: This tank can hold an EXTRA 500 gallons of water when the four bladders are extended! (Two on each side) Please keep in mind, this will also increase the width of the tank when the bladders are extended. The bladders can also be retracted, when not in use. The size table below reflects the size of the tank with the bladders retracted.

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